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The following information is presented as a service and not a substitute for a visit to the dentist.  These are intended as a "quick fix" until you can be seen in our office.



Crown Comes Off:

If you have either a permanent or a temporary crown that comes off, it is important you place it back on the tooth to avoid shifting of teeth into the space. A good temporary cement is available at most drug stores by the name of "DenTemp". Mix a small amount and lightly coat the inside of the crown and place back on the tooth. Wipe away any excess cement. Call the dental office during regular business hours and set up an appointment to have the crown permanently cemented.

Broken Denture or Partial:

Save any broken pieces including any teeth that have come off. DO NOT TRY TO REPAIR YOURSELF!! The best way to ruin a denture to the point that it can't be repaired is to use Super Glue! NO SUPER GLUE!!! Call the office during regular business hours to schedule a repair. Most repairs take a day in the lab, so call early in the morning.

Broken Tooth:

If you break a cusp off a tooth and you are not experiencing any pain except to cold or hot, you can use some "DenTemp" material to cover the fractured area. Orthodontic relief wax is also helpful. Do not chew on this side. Do not place temporary cement or wax into a badly decayed tooth or an abscess my result. Call the office during regular business hours to schedule an appointment.

Trauma to the Face:

If a blow if received to the face resulting in soft tissue laceration and bleeding place pressure with a gauze or clean wash cloth to the area to stop the bleeding. Apply cold compresses to reduce swelling. Check to see if any teeth have loosened or changed position. If so, call the emergency number right away. If there is a large opening in the tissue, call the emergency number or report to the emergency room for possible stitches. If a tooth is knocked out completely, try to re-insert the tooth into the socket and hold firmly in place. If you are unable to re-insert the tooth, place tooth in cup of milk or patient's saliva. Do not clean or touch the root. Call emergency number immediately.

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