Dr. Benifiel’s training, education, and expertise are essential to the skillful level of artistry we provide our patients.

In fact, he’s a Sustaining Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. We know that some people find the way their teeth look a little embarrassing – whether because they are stained, broken, uneven, gummy, or gapped – and we want to turn that embarrassment into total confidence. Call us to find out how the smile of your dreams can become a reality.



Porcelain Dental Veneers Granger

Porcelain veneers are one of our most popular cosmetic services. Why? These gorgeous little pieces of porcelain can make you look like a star! Carefully crafted for the most natural appearance, our dental veneers are bonded directly to your prepared tooth to cover stains, lengthen short teeth, repair breaks, and even close gaps and correct minor irregularities. The change is dramatic yet subtle. Yes, we know it sounds like a contradiction – but what people will notice most is not that you have new teeth, but that you look younger, healthier, and so much brighter!

Full Mouth Restoration Treatment Granger

Full-mouth restorations are one of our favorite things to do because we can take a broken, unhealthy, miserable smile and make it look and feel exceptional. We address each tooth and work on your smile from the bottom up with treatments that could include everything from gum treatments to tooth whitening and dental implants. Your smile never looked – or felt – so amazing.

Composite Dental Bonding Treatment Granger

Composite bonding is one of the most conservative and artistic services in Dr. Benifiel’s cosmetic arsenal. It can fix almost any damage or irregularity or cover any stain quickly and with minimal preparation. Because it is applied by hand in the dental chair, Dr. Benifiel can match the color to surrounding teeth, perfectly contour it for a natural appearance, and get you out the door with a brand new smile, all in one visit!

Tooth Recontouring Treatment Granger

Are your canines a little long? Your front teeth chipped? One tooth a different size than the others? Let us straighten everything up with a little, easy tooth recontouring. All we do is gently sculpt your enamel so all your teeth are just the way you want them.

Smile Whitening Treatment Granger

You stop for a cup of coffee at your favorite cafe every morning. You enjoy a glass of Burgundy with dinner almost every night. You love blueberries and pomegranate juice with your lunch in the afternoon. Your eating habits are healthy enough, but your teeth are beginning to pay the price… with staining, that is. We offer Zoom!® in-office whitening to remove years of stains and discoloration in about an hour. And if you want to keep your smile stain-free and dazzling, ask us about our Endless Whitening Program. It’s whitening and brightening you can live with!