No one will know you had anything done.

Sure, we like to keep your teeth as natural and whole as possible. But sometimes, Mother Nature needs a little help. Our restorative services will get your teeth back to such incredible strength and beauty.

Tooth Color Filling Treatment Granger

Cavities happens to the best of us. Those tooth-decaying bacteria are pretty opportunistic and will work on your teeth whenever they have the chance. It’s why we recommend sealants and fluoride. If the cavity bugs get in there anyway and make a spot of decay, we can fix you right up. We remove the decayed area as conservatively as possible and then fill your tooth with tooth-colored composite filling material. It looks so good, no one will know you ever had a filling at all.

Onlays & Inlays Treatment Granger

When you need a little more coverage than a filling can offer, but not quite the commitment of a crown, our porcelain dental inlays and onlays are just the ticket. These restorations can be made right here in our office using the E4D, CAD/CAM fabrication system. That means your gorgeous inlay or onlay tooth restorations can be measured, created, and placed in one easy visit!

Dental Bridges & Crown Treatment Granger

Our crowns and bridges were made to restore your smile – and we mean literally. In fact, we make them right here with E4D, CAD/CAM technology. That means whether you need to strengthen and repair a tooth with a dental crown, or replace one or more missing teeth with a bridge, we can take digital impressions, create your restoration, and place it – all in one visit! Now that’s convenience!

If you have an extra heavy bite, we may recommend a gold crown instead of ceramic.

Full & Partials Dentures Treatment Granger

If you are missing more than a few teeth, don’t settle for uncomfortable false teeth. Our partial or full dentures are a step above old-fashioned replacements. We offer beautiful, affordable, customized partials and dentures that fit and look better than denture-mill replacement teeth. We also offer implant-retained dentures and partials for the most secure and natural replacement you could imagine. Ask us about your denture options today!

Implant Dentistry Granger

To learn more about how tooth implants can change your life, please visit our Implant Dentistry page.

Root Canal Treatment Granger

We resent that all the worst things in life are compared to root canals – the comparison just doesn’t make sense. Especially when you consider that it is not the root canal, but an infection that causes the excruciating pain!

Root canals stop the pain and save your teeth. For our super comfortable endodontic treatments, we simply clean the infection out of the canals and tissue inside your tooth, fill it with a stable and body-friendly filler, and seal it all up with a ceramic crown. You’ll leave with your own tooth in your mouth, no more pain or infection, and one more reason to love our dental care.